Photograph by David Stremmelaar

Restoring the Geophysical Dynamics of the Earth - Moon Relationship

The total amount of Lunar samples brought back from the Moon is estimated to be around 383kg. These rock and soil samples are primarily used for scientific purposes, but could be seen as an outlook of things to come once Lunar mining becomes financially viable. I wonder what happens when we only take from the Moon and don’t give back. Will we disturb the equilibrium that has kept our moon in orbit around the planet that we inhabit? To question this unagreeable future, I propose to somewhat restore the balance by returning a small amount of aluminum, one of the most common metals in both the Earth’s and the Moon’s surface, back to the Moon.

This project started out as a submission for the Moon Gallery, a 10x10x1cm artist initiated art gallery that is currently being exhibited around the world, and in the future will be permanently displayed on the Moon in colaboration with European Space Agency.



Poster exhibition at European Space Agency ESTEC facility in Katwijk