Moon Mission 2030

Moon Mission 2030 is a collaboration between Recycle Valley (Amsterdam) and Jorick de Quaasteniet (The Hague). Our goal is to retrieve a plastic bag that has been left on the Moon after one of the Apollo Moon missions. With this idea, we hope to create a platform on which we, as Intergalactic Environmentalists, can address the the future of the plastic pollution problem here on Earth and its possible solution(s). We do so by creating and giving workshops and lectures, and actively engaging in the Space Community.

In this ongoing project with a self-proposed deadline in the year 2030, I act as visual designer, creative director and educational support. Physical interventions, during which we have placed the plastic cover at Lunar displays, have been orchestrated at Space Expo Noordwijk and the National Aviation and Space Museum Lelystad.

Presented at:
Dutch Design Week 2017, Eindhoven
GROUND Festival 2018, The Hague
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