Intergalactic Environmentalists Exhibition #1 at TRIXIE gallery, featuring works of Irene Stracuzzi, Isabelle Backer, Michal Mitro, Sheng-Wen Lo and a performance by Climate Clown OotLöl

Intergalactic Environmentalists

With the rapid expansion of the human sphere of influence into the universe, it is time that the definition and understanding of the concept of 'our' environment is also expanded. What consequences will our interaction with these new environments have? Perhaps we should first have a critical look at our current environment, which we seem to be pushing to its limits. Intergalactic Environmentalists is a group of creators, thinkers and doers that combine art, design, activism and/or science to address environmental action that includes Earth and beyond.

Intergalactic Environmentalist Exhibition (#1)

As a first collaborative project, we set out to organise an exhibition featuring the work of artists and designers with an Intergalactic Environmentalist mindset. The exhibition took place at TRIXIE gallery, and featured an opening performance by Climate Clown OotLöl.

Isabelle Backer

Michal Mitro

Sheng-Wen Lo

Performance by Climate Clown OotLöl

Irene Stracuzzi

Exhibition flyer design


To further improve our immediate environment and spread plant life in the cityscape of The Hague, we teamed up with Stekjesruil and organised a plant swapping event at the See Lab Garden.