The Distance to Mars

I've always wondered what it would be like to set foot on Mars. To walk along the endless vistas of a landscape formed by meteorite impacts, vulcanic activity and traces left by an ancient influence of water and ice. To feel the heavily oxidized soil beneath my feet and to know that no human being before me has experienced the sensation. Unfortunately, I found out that my chances of going to this enigmatic planet are slim, by current standards. Space agencies hold up requirements that are far from my reach, both in a mental and physical capacity. And so I set out to prove that, when applying the tools and skillsets one has at hand, requirements are non-existent when it comes to exploring our solar system. Crossing the lines of imagination, science, and fiction, I became the first human to tread the Red Planet.

Presented at:
Graduation Show KABK 2016, The Hague
Dutch Design Week 2016, Eindhoven
Zeeuwse Lichting 2016, Middelburg

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